Dubrovnik Old Town

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Dubrovnik Old Town
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Dubrovnik = due-brove-nick


Be prepared. Dining, drinking, accommodations, souvenir shopping, and other common vacation expenses are typically higher than in similar Mediterranean resort ports. And a high percentage of attractions (including museums and historical buildings) charge hefty admission fees.


Wear good-traction shoes when it rains because the time-smoothed stones become slippery.

Summer Festival

Music, dance, theatre and other cultural performances take place from mid-July through late August. This festival is widely known.


The nearby coastal area has a number of beaches. They can be fun, but unfortunately, they are typically pebbled, not sandy - and can be packed during peak tourist periods.

War damage

In 1991, the Dubrovnik Old Town was shelled over several months during the Balkan conflict.

Cruise ship docking

Cruise ships either dock (about 15 minutes from Dubrovnik Old Town) or tender their passengers into and out of Old Port (see page one).

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Photo by Jimmy Harris - CC BY 2.0


Croatian National Tourist Board


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