Fjords of Norway

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Fjords of Norway
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Cruise ship
vs road sightseeing

Although you can see the Fjords by train, bus or car, you will see far more on a cruise ship.

Fjord cruising vs
ocean cruising

One big difference between ocean and fjord cruising is you are almost always close to landscapes.

Cruisers vs hikers

While cruisers see the fjords at sea level, hikers get an eagle's eye view from the top of high cliffs. Some cruises give you enough shore time for hitting the trails.

Flam Railway

This mountain train offers one of the most scenic train rides on earth and attracts many tourists. It connects Myrdal in the mountains with sea-level Flam on the Sognefjord. The Flam Railway route is short (20 kilometers or 12 miles) and has a relatively steep grade (the elevation difference between Flam and Myrdal is 866 meters or 2841 feet).


Fjords were carved out of the mountains by ancient glaciers. Ocean water filled the space when the glaciers retreated, land sank, and sea levels rose.

Gulf Stream

This current from the Caribbean makes the temperatures along the Norwegian coastline higher than they would normally be this far north.

Expensive country

Norway is one of the most expensive places to visit in the world. Even a glass of beer has cost shock.<

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