Nimes Amphitheatre

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Why the
Nimes Amphitheatre
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The elliptical Nimes Amphitheatre is in amazingly fine condition considering its 2,000-year age.

Nimes Amphitheatre
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In Roman times

Over 20,000 people would fill the seats to watch gladiator fights, animal hunts, and other crowd-pleasing spectaculars.


The wonder still pulses. Events include concerts, circuses and bull fights (mainly bloodless). And, it's covered and heated in the winter.


The Nimes Amphitheatre in its Roman days could be covered with a vast canvas canopy to shade the viewers from the sun and rain. In our current era, it also sports a temporary cover, but it's used only in the winter.


The architects designed an intricate corridor system that allowed spectators to reach their seats (and later exit the arena) within 4 or 5 minutes. Crowd-flow in modern arenas pales by comparison.

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Maison Carree.

Location in France

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