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Berchtesgaden is an alpine resort village gorgeously surrounded by snow-capped peaks.

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Picturesque village

The Berchtesgaden village is small enough to retain its charm. Its streets are narrow and winding - and lined with decoratively painted alpine-style buildings. The air is clean and refreshing.

Places near Berchtesgaden

The area offers much to the athletic traveler. There are ski and snowboard slopes, cross-country ski trails, and bobsleigh runs. In summer, you can hike, trek and mountain climb.

Day excursions

You can take interesting day excursions from Berchtesgaden:

Lake Koenigsee

This long, peaceful, emerald-green lake is spectacularly framed by steep mountains. An excursion boat takes you to a tiny, postcard-perfect, red-onion-domed St. Bartholoma church.


From Lake Koenigsee, you take a cable-car ride to the top of Jenner Mountain for a panoramic view.

Hitler's Eagle's Nest

Another fine view awaits you at a house perched high above Berchtesgaden. Hitler occasionally vacationed in the dwelling.

Salt Mines

You don miner's attire and descend deep into a mine in a railed cart. Some tours include a subterranean boat ride.

Getting there

Berchtesgaden is under two hours by train from Munich. A summer weekend car trip will take much longer.

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