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Why the
Cologne Cathedral
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The Cologne Cathedral's sheer interior and exterior size and its skyscraping twin spires astound all but the jaded traveler.

Cologne Cathedral
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Work began in 1248, but the cathedral was not completed until 1880, a span of 632 years.

Twin spires

They are the star attraction of the Cologne Cathedral in Germany. They rise as high as a modern 50-story building.

View of Cologne

You can climb up one of the towers for a panoramic view of Cologne, but be forewarned that the spiral staircase is steep and narrow - and has 509 steps.

Top two interior attractions



The Cologne Cathedral houses a gilded and bejeweled sarcophagus that reputedly holds remains of the Magi, the Three Kings of Nativity fame.

Gero cross

The colossal 1000-year-old Gero cross inside is striking.


Unfortunately, the Cologne Cathedral exterior is seriously blemished with black soot, a byproduct of extensive coal burning in homes and factories in previous centuries in this part of Germany.

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