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Why the
Deutsches Museum
in Munich is special

The Deutsches Museum is the world's premier museum of science and technology.

Deutsches Museum
tips and insights

Admirable presentation

The Deutsches Museum excels in presenting exhibited objects in imaginative ways that fascinate the child in all of us.

It is obvious that the museum directors don't want merely to showcase their objects to science buffs. They are dedicated to educating the public at large. People who consider themselves "science dunces" have told me that they found the experience so absorbing that they want go back.


The institution's scope is broad and varied. You will enjoy interesting exhibits on cars, planes, trains, boats, mines, and moon landings. Other Deutsches Museum topics include astronomy, chemistry, computers, digital imaging, electricity, music, physics and telecommunications.

Children's section

The Deutsches Museum also has a special children's section that scores high marks with kids, so bring the family.


The Deutsches Museum building is immense. Be sure to wear comfortable walking shoes.

Location in Munich

The Deutsches Museum is located on an island in the middle of Munich. It has a branch at a nearby airport (focusing on flight) and one in Bonn.

Location in Germany

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