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The Hofbrauhaus in Munich dates back to 1589. It is the most famous and one of the most boisterous beer houses in the world.

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Interesting to visit

To some, the Hofbrauhaus is fun, spirited and spontaneous. To others, it's loud, rowdy, beery, and filled with inebriated tourists. Whatever it is, you should  experience this inimitable bash at least once in your lifetime. (Make sure you sit in the main room.)

Chief draws

Most people come to the Hofbrauhaus in Munich for the music, food and, most of all, the beer and camaraderie.

Festive ambiance

You sit elbow-to-elbow at long wooden picnic-style tables, the glass mugs are monstrous, the waitresses and waiters don traditional Bavarian attire, and the oompah band plays virtually nonstop, which collectively create a festive ambiance.

Famous drinking song

The Hofbrauhaus is world-renowned for this drinking song:

"In Munchen steht
ein Hofbrauhaus -
oans, zwoa, g'suffa!"


The loose translation is "There is a Hofbrauhaus in Munich - one, two, and down the hatch!".

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