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Why the
Mosel Valley
in Germany is special

The Mosel Valley is one of the world's most beautiful river valleys. It's blessed with medieval castles, charming villages with half-timbered houses, and steep-sloped vineyards.

Mosel Valley
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The French name for the river is spelled Moselle. The German portion is spelled Mosel.

German vs.
French sections

Although the French part of the river is pretty, the German portion is even prettier. This is especially true between the towns of Cochem and Berkkastel-Kues. In between are Zell and Beilstein, two bring-your-camera villages.

Eltz Castle

Although the Eltz Castle hides well into the forest and, thus, cannot see or be seen from the river, it has fairy-tale like quality, with numerous turrets and a soaring shape. Unlike nearly all major castles, Eltz Castle was never destroyed in battle, so it's not a massive reconstruction. It's the real thing.

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