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The annual Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany has been called "the world's largest beer party". It attracts some seven million people (including loads of travelers) a year during a 16 day period from late September to early October.

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Revelry is
the main attraction

People come to have fun with friends and family in the enormous beer tents.

The revelers sit tightly at long communal tables to drink liter-size mugs of strong Bavarian beer and eat copious quantities of grilled chicken and pork sausages while a lederhosen-attired Bavarian brass oompah-pah band entertains on a stage raised above the crowd (see photo).

Often, the rich and poor, the famous and obscure spontaneously lock arms and sway in comradeship while singing and toasting. It's a loud and noisy affair that's not to be missed.


The hefty, ethnic-clad waitresses have become an essential part of the scene, especially when they barrel down the aisles carrying up to ten large overfilled beer steins at a time. If you're in their path, it's wise to step aside.

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