The 3
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Why the three
Pinakothek museums
in Munich are special

The three Pinakothek museums (Old, New and Modern) have outstanding collections. Each focuses on a particular time period.

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Old Pinakothek

This is the most prestigious of the three Pinakothek museums. Its main focus is 14th to late 18th century European art. The Old Pinakothek has the world's largest collection of Rubens paintings. There are also works by great artists like Botticelli, da Vinci, Durer, Giotto, Rafael, and Velazquez (see photo for Durer's famous self-portrait).

New Pinakothek

It is not "new" but was in the 1850's when it was built and named. The New Pinakothek specializes in 18th to early 20th century European artwork. The 19th century is its sweet spot. Famous artists include David, Gainsborough, Gaugin, Goya, Manet, Monet, and van Gogh.

Modern Pinakothek

It opened in 2002 and sports an architecturally striking circular ceiling (see photo). The Modern Pinakothek artworks cover the 20th and 21st centuries. Artists include Kandinsky, de Kooning, Klee, Magritte, and Warhol. In addition to artworks, the Modern Pinakothek embraces architecture, graphics and design.

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Pinakothek translates as "picture gallery".

In German

Substitute Alte, Neue and Moderne for Old, New and Modern.

Close by

It's an easy walk between the museums - and you can save money by buying a combo-pass.

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