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Niagara Falls is famous as a honeymoon destination for amorous Americans and canoodling Canadians.

Less majestic than before

Niagara Falls was once grander. Since the middle of the last century, about half of the upstream Niagara River water is diverted for use by two hydroelectric plants. That water bypasses Niagara Falls by being channeled underground directly into the Niagara River downstream of Niagara Falls.

Niagara Falls is the collective
name of three separate falls


Horseshoe Falls

It is by far the most spectacular of the three falls. Its shape gives it its name (see photo). Horseshoe Falls is also known as Canadian Falls because it is situated mainly on the Canadian side.


American Falls

It's less grand than Horseshoe Falls because nine times less water flows over it. Also, its brink is linear, not curved, thus not as visually striking.


Bridal Veil Falls

These falls are tinier and less remarkable than the Horseshoe and American Falls. Likethe latter, it's on the American side.



Niagara Falls is renowned for daredevil exploits. Over the past 100 years, 15 people have gone over the falls for fame or fortune in or on a device like a barrel, kayak or ski jet. Scorecard: 10 survived, 5 died.

In 2013, Nik Wallenda tightroped successfully across Niagara Falls without a safety harness. He is a seventh-generation member of the famous daredevil Wallenda family circus troupe.

Lucky kid

In 1960, a seven-year-old boy accidentally went over the falls. Happily, he lived.

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