Top 10
visually interesting
houses of worship

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Top 10 rankings
Houses of worship

Criteria: Visual interest to a tourist (it does not take into account cultural value, among other aspects). It must be clearly active as a house of worship.

St Peter's Basilica
Great Mosque of Mecca
St Basil's Cathedral   see photo
Blue Mosque
Gaudi's Sacred Family Church
Lotus Temple
Holy Sepulchre Church
Golden Temple
Chartres Cathedral
Shibaozhai Temple

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St Peter's Basilica

Vatican City

Great Mosque of Mecca

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

St Basil's Cathedral

Moscow, Russia

Blue Mosque

Istanbul, Turkey

Gaudi's Sacred Family Church

Barcelona, Spain

Lotus Temple

New Delhi, India

Holy Sepulchre Church

Jerusalem, Israel

Golden Temple

Amritsar, India

Chartres Cathedral

Chartres, France

Shibaozhai Temple

Yangtze River, China

Here's a list of other houses
of worship that won a Hillman
Medal (gold, silver, or bronze)

Some venues are active as a house of worship, some no longer are.

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for most of these wonders. Use the Google search box in the left column to find them.

Agora/Hephaestus Temple (Greece)
Amiens Cathedral (France)
Asakusa Kannon Temple (Japan)
Ayutthaya Temples (Thailand)
Badshahi Mosque (Pakistan)
Bagan Temples (Myanmar)
Basilica Notre Dame (Ivory Coast)
Brihadisvara Temple (India)
Byodo-in Temple (Japan)
Canterbury Cathedral (England)
Chartres Cathedral (France)
Chion-in Temple (Japan)
Church of the Spilt Blood (Russia)
Cologne Cathedral (Germany)
Dambulla Golden Temple (Sri Lanka)
Djenne Mosque (Mali)
Duomo Cathedral (Italy)
Edfu Temple (Egypt)
Frauenkirche (Germany)
Gebel Barkal Temples (Sudan)
Girnar Temples (India)
Haeinsa Temple (South Korea)
Hagia Sophia (Turkey)
Hatshepsut Temple (Egypt)
Holy Sepulchre Church (Israel)
Horyuji Temple (Japan)
Ibn Tulun Mosque (Egypt)
Jade Buddha Temple (China)
Jama Masjid Mosque (India)
Jokhang Temple (China)
Kanchipuram Temples (India)
Karnak Temple (Egypt)
Kiyomizu Temple (Japan)
Kom Ombo Temple (Egypt)
La Campania Church (Ecuador)
Lama Temple (China)
Lourdes (France)
Lungsham Temple (Taiwan)
Luxor Temple (Egypt)
Mahabalipuram Temples (India)
Mahabodhi Temples (India)
Melk Abby Church (Austria)
Mezquita of Cordoba (Spain)
Milan Cathedral (Italy)
Mohammed Ali Mosque (Egypt)
Mopti Mosque (Mali)
Nikko temples (Japan)
Nishi/Higash Hongan Temples (Japan)
Notre Dame Cathedral Paris (France) Pareshnath Jain Temple (India)
Philae Temples (Egypt)
Popchusa Temple (South Korea)
Prambanan Hindu Temple (Indonesia)
Pulguksa Temple (South Korea)
Rameswaram Temple (India)
Reims Cathedral (France)
Sainte-Chapelle (France)
Salisbury Cathedral (England)
San Vitale Basilica (Italy)
Santa Maria delle Grazie (Italy)
Santiago de Compostela (Spain)
Seville Cathedral (Spain)
Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Abu Dhabi)
Shibaozhai Temple (China)
St Mark's Basilica (Italy)
St Paul's Cathedral (England)
St Stephen's Cathedral (Austria)
Stave Churches (Norway)
Sultan Qaboos Grand Mosque (Oman)
Tanah Lot Temple (Indonesia)
Temple Mount (Israell
Temple of Dawn (Thailand)
Temple of Heaven (China)
Temple of Poseidon (Greece)
Temple of the Reclining Buddha (Thailand)
Tirumala Temple (India)
Todai-ji Temple (Japan)
Tournai Notre Dame Cathedral (Belgium)
Ulu Danu Temple (Indonesia)
Ulu Watu Temple (Indonesia)
Umayyad (Syria)
Westminster Abbey (England)
Wielicska Salt Mine (Poland)
York Minster (England)
Zipaquira Salt Cathedral (Columbia)

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St Basil's photo by Bernt Rostad CC BY 2.0