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Why the
Uffizi Gallery
is special

This celebrated museum in Florence, Italy has an unrivaled collection of Italian Renaissance masterpieces.

Uffizi Gallery
tips & insights

The must-see paintings

The Uffizi Gallery has many world-famous paintings. Don't miss these:

Birth of Venus (see picture)



Leonardo da Vinci

Holy Family


Madonna with a Goldfinch


Venus of Urbino


How is the
Uffizi Gallery organized?

The artworks are displayed in a time-line sequence, which gives visitors a feeling for the evolution of Renaissance art.

history in brief

The Uffizi Gallery is closely linked with the rich Medici Family who ruled the region for centuries. They constructed the building in the mid-1550s to house government administrative offices ("uffizi" in Italian, hence the museum's name).

The Medicis

They were avid fine art collectors. The Medicis began converting parts of the Uffizi building into a gallery for their acquisitions. Their art collection grew with each successive generation into thousands of glorious artworks.

In 1737, the last of the powerful Medicis bequeathed to the public her family's entire art collection.

Location in Italy

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