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Yellowstone National Park
is special

It is the first officially designated national park on our planet. And it boasts world-class natural features.

Top 3 natural features  in
Yellowstone National Park

Each is described in more deail on page two.

The earth's biggest
concentration of
geothermal features

The majestic
Grand Canyon of
Yellowstone (see photo)

Free roaming wildlife
(including bears and bison)

Best and worst
times to visit in
Yellowstone National Park

Mid- to late-September

This is the best all around time for a visit as the weather is pleasant and the tourist count is relatively light.

July and August

These are the two busiest months. Be forewarned, traffic jams are common on both the roads and the pedestrian sightseeing boardwalks.


The least desirable season is winter. It can be quite cold and many roads are snow blocked.

If your time is short

Mini bucket list

If you can only make a short visit, I recommend you see and experience at least these six Yellowstone National Park attractions:

Old Faithful Geyser
Mud pools (various locations)
Grand Canyon (Yellowstone)
Norris Geyser Basin
Hayden or Lamar Valleys (wildlife)
Mammoth Hot Springs

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