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Great Ocean Road
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When to go

The best months to visit the Great Ocean Road are November, December, March and April. The road can be clogged in January and February, the height of the Australian summer tourism season. The other months (especially August and September) can be windy, chilly and wet. Remember, only restless water separates you and Antarctica.

The route

Semi-officially, the Great Ocean Road of Australia begins in Geelong and ends in Warrnanpool. However, the best part of that journey occupies a shorter stretch, from Torquay (a world-class surfing town) and Petersborough.

Time length of visit

You can travel the Great Ocean Road in a half day, but there are so many splendid vantages along the way that you should spend at least one overnight en route. The overnight will let you see the 12 Apostles at sunrise and sunset when the low-angled solar rays breathtakingly change the colors of the limestone rocks and cliffs.

Great Ocean Walk

For hikers, the park authority created a Great Ocean Walk. It's almost 100 kilometers (60 miles) long. There are strategically located guest houses for those who prefer to sleep in a bed at night.

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