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The Olgas were named in honor of the Queen of Spain after people of European descent "discovered" it in 1872.

Kata Tjuta (kah-tah tzhoo'-tah) is the local Anangu Aborigine people's name for The Olgas. It means "many heads".

Today, Kata Tjuta, no longer Olgas, is the official name. I use the old name on my website because the vast majority of international travelers know it only by that name.


The Olgas have two major walking trails. Each lets you see this wonder up close:


Valley of the WInds

The 7 kilometer (4 mile) loop trail takes 3 to 4 hours. It has two excellent viewpoints.

Olga Gorge

This "go there and doubleback" trail is quicker and easier, though somewhat less stunning. It's about 2 kilometers (1 mile) in length.


Note: Rangers may close the Valley of the Winds trail when temperatures become scorching.

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