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Bali has active volcanoes. The last disastrous eruption occurred in 1963 on Agung, Bali's highest and holiest mountain. Batur Volcano is popular with tourists because it has an 11- kilometer (7 mile) wide crater that you can drive into. And, it has a large crescent-shaped lake, Bali's largest.


Bali is known for its sunsets. However, the awe-inspiring ones seldom occur during the high tourist season when skies tend to be clear instead of having the requisite cloud formations.


Bali is known for its bargains in international designer clothes. And, the island's arts & crafts goods make marvelous take-home gifts and can lend a decorative touch in your home.

Other popular attractions

They include:

Bat Cave

Day time home of thousands of bats.

Bird Park

Exotic birds in pleasant setting.

Day and evening cruises

Day and evening ocean cruises.
Several choices.

Denpasar Bird Market

Where locals buy pet birds and other creatures.

Elephant Cave

The carved entrance way is the chief draw.

Monkey Forests

In both Sangeh and Ubud.

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