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International cuisine

Many restaurants

You may be surprised about the large number of Thai, Chinese, Japanese and European restaurants in the tourist areas of Bali. There are even American fast-food eateries like McDonald's.

Balinese fruits

tropical fruits

Be sure to sample a wide variety of Bali's fruits including mangoes, papayas, snakefruits, rambutans and passion fruits. They can be eaten out of hand or blended into superb mixed-fruit drinks. Your favorite gourmet store back home may stock those fruits, but they will never be as fresh, ripe and tasty as in Bali.

Drinking water


Never drink tap water in Bali unless you're positive that that the hotel or restaurant purifies it. Otherwise, you could get sick. The same is true for drinking beverages containing ice cubes made with tap (instead of purified) water. Sealed bottled water bearing established brand names is safe, widely available and inexpensive in Bali.

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