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The two basic types of
Australian / New Zealand

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Only Australian ports are visited. Sydney is usually the home port.

Australian and New Zealand

Cruise begins and ends in Australia (normally Sydney) and visits Tasmania. This cruise focuses mainly on New Zealand destinations.

Cruise length

Cruises range from several days
(such as Sydney to Tasmania) to month-long (circumnavigating Australia).

More pointers

Darwin is the closest major cruise port to some of my recommended destinations in Western Australia and the Northern Territory.

Some round-Australia cruises tag enchanting Bali in Indonesia into their itineraries.

Australia's most famous wild animals:

Koala bear
Saltwater crocodile
Tasmanian devil

Because the New Zealand's South Island fjord area is far south, it can sometimes be chilly even in summertime. Also be aware that this area can become quite windy, enough to cancel your cruise ship's scheduled visit into a fjord.

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