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When to go

The best cruising weather period is December to mid-March. The lease desirable months span June to September.

Keep in mind:

The four seasons in Australia and New Zealand are the exact reverse of those in Europe and North America. When it's cold and wintry in Paris, it's warm and summery in Sydney.

Temperatures in northern Australia will always be noticeably warmer than in the south. On the same day, it could be pleasantly mild in Sidney but scorching in the tropical north.

Best New Zealand attractions

For either pre/post cruise trips or shore excursions on North Island:

Rotorua  (geysers & mud pools)

Tauranga Historic Villages

Waitomo Glowworm Caves

On South Island:

Fjords  (includes Milford Sound)

Best Australian coast for cruising


The winner:

East Coast

Boasts Sydney and the Great Barrier Reef.

The three others have issues:

North Coast

Too hot.

West Coast

Lacks sufficient sightseeing appeal.

South Coast

Seas are sometimes rough

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