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Famous traditional
dishes of Bali

Note: These dishes are local to Bali. Click Indonesian Cuisine to see the list of famous dishes that are popular in both Bali and the rest of the country,

Babi Guling

Spit-roasted, crispy skinned suckling pig.

Bebek Betutu

Spiced duck slowly cooked in palm or banana leaves.


Minced innards mixed with chopped vegetables.

Bubuh Injin

Black rice pudding (served with sweetened coconut cream).

that help define
Balinese cooking


One of many culinary differences between Bali and Indonesia in general is that most Balinese readily cook with pork.

The vast majority of Indonesians do not eat pork because they are Moslem. In contrast, over 90% of Balinese are of the Hindu-Dharmaism faith, which does not prohibit eating pork.


Cooks make a bigger and more beguiling flavor statement in Bali than elsewhere in Indonesia.

And Balinese foods are even more chili-scorching than other Indonesian cooking styles (which is saying a lot).

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Famous Balinese beverages

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