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History in brief

Mycenae was a major military power and maritime trader from about 20th to 12th centuries BC. It reached its peak from around 1400 to 1200 BC. In that period, Mycenae defeated the Minoans in Crete and took control of that island in southern Greece.

Current physical condition

Basically, all that remains of the hilltop Mycenae citadel are stone walls, subterranean tombs, and the Lion Gate  - but they are interesting enough to attract numerous tourists.

Lion Gate

It's the icon of Mycenae. Its massive lintel is crowned with a huge stone relief of two lions. The second best known tourist attraction is the Tomb (or Treasury) of Atreus. It has a striking bee-hive designed ceiling.

Getting there

Mycenae is a popular daytrip from Athens, Greece. It is sometimes combined with a visit to Epidaurus (another Hillman Wonder medalist).

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