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Castel Sant'Angelo
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History in brief


2nd century BC

It was originally constructed as a tomb for Emperor Hadrian (117-138 reign) and successors.


Five centuries later

In the 3rd century AD, the Castel Sant'Angelo began its transformation into a military and castle fortress.



It became a citadel to provide a refuge for popes in the event the Vatican was attacked.



It was converted into a museum, its present incarnation.


The function of the
"Secret" corridor

It was built to connect the Vatican and Castel Sant'Angelo. Reasoon: So the pope could quickly flee to the safety of the citadel during threatening times.

Puccini's opera

The final act of Puccini's famous Tosca opera takes place here. After the heroine's lover is executed, she throws herself over the wall to her death.

Castel Sant'Angelo
got its name

It was named for the large statue of the archangel Michael that crowns the building.

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