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Ostia Antica
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Ostia Antica's
history in brief

The city began to flourish in the 3rd century BC and reached its heyday about 500 years later when the population swelled to 100,000. But Mother Nature intervened. Accumulated silt moved the shoreline of the Tiber River estuary over 2 kilometers (1 mile) west into the sea. This hindered easy water passage to the town and eventually Ostia Antica became a ghost town.

What does the name
mean in Latin?

Antica translates "ancient". Ostia means "mouth" in Latin, referring to the mouth of the Tiber River.

Nearest major city

Ostia Antica is an easy daytrip from Rome. It's 25 kilometers (15 miles) away and can be reached by car or train. There is even a boat excursion via the Tiber River.

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