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This cruise line category lies between the luxury and upmarket cruise categories.

Luxury-upmarket cruise lines are commendable but are not quite in the same league as the luxury cruise lines.


I divide the luxury-upmarket category into two subcategories:

Affordable fares

Ships provide a luxury feel at fares that are between luxury and upmarket fares. All cabins are luxury-upmarket.



Ships cater simultaneously to different passenger classes (akin to "first class" and "cabin class" on airplanes). Guests are segregated by class in the use of some restaurants and other facilities.

Best in the
affordable fare subcategory


Azamara Club Cruises has two ships: The Quest and Journey, which are similar. One is in the photo above. to read my guide on its Quest cruise ship


Oceania Cruises has five ships: The newer Riviera and Marina and the older Regatta, Insignia, and Nautical.

Best in the
multi-class subcategory


Cunard Line has three ships: Queen Elizabeth, Queen Mary 2, and  Queen Victoria. The line has three passenger classes. From lowest to highest, they are Brittanica, Princess Grill, and Queens Grill. Only the last two are luxury-upmarket. Brittanica is upmarket.



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