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Island exploring


Moorea is renowned for its Opunohu Bay, Cook's Bay, and Belvedere Lookout while Bora Bora's gems are its lagoon and two central peaks. See them from a helicopter or tour bus - or from your rented bike, scooter, ATV, or automobile - or with your hiking boots.

Adventure rides

Take adventure rides on outrigger canoes and four-wheel off-road vehicles.


Black pearls

Shopping for black pearl jewelry is a major tourist sport. Prices range from cheap (for very defective pearls) to astronomical (for jewelry made with top-grade pearls and designed by premier designers). The photo montage above shows a black pearl, an over-water pearl farm hut, and a pendant (designed by Tahia Collins, whose jewelry is sold on the Paul Gauguin).


This is the traditional dress wrap of the Polynesians. Les Gauguines (members of the onboard staff) will gladly instruct you how to tie your pareo into several dress styles.

Tropical farm touring

Pearl farms

French Polynesia is the birthplace of the black pearl. A tour will show you how the pearl is cultivated in an oyster - and how it slowly develops - and why it is dark-hued instead of pearly white.

Pineapple and
vanilla bean farms

You learn how these tropical culinary products are grown and processed.

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for top 5 activities #1 and #2

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