Prague Old Town

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Prague Old Town
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Prikope and Parizska are the two most fashionable shopping streets.

Getting around

Prague Old Town is compact. It's usually best explored on foot.

The Metro

It is usually a faster means than surface transportation in getting to areas of the city beyond the old town. It is admirably modern, clean, inexpensive, and convenient.

However, whether you are in a crowded subway car or bus, or at a crowded tourist attraction, be wary of pickpockets.

Superb film location

Prague is a filmmaker's dream because of the Baroque and Renaissance architectural backdrops it provides. Many films have taken advantage of the city's picturesque shooting locations, including the Academy Award-winning film Amadeus.

Prague New Town

Just south of Prague Old Town lies Prague New Town. It's "new" in name only because it gained its appellation 600 years ago.

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