Amazon Rainforest

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Amazon Rainforest
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rainforest lodges

An alternative to cruising is staying in one of the lodges along the small Amazon tributary streams. They range in quality from budget to luxury. Use the lodge as base to explore nature up close along jungle trails and narrow waterways.

Vital to life

The Amazon Rainforest produces 20% of the earth's oxygen (and is the source of 20% of our planet's fresh water).


A large number of medicines we take for granted come from Amazon plants. And, because so many of the plant species have not yet been analyzed, we should see new drug discoveries.

Amazon Rainforest

About 14% of the world's land was once rainforest. Today it is down to 6%. Greenpeace, an environmental organization, warns that if deforestation continues at the present clip, the Amazon Rainforest will be history in 80 years. Some scientists predict an even earlier demise.

rich environment

More than a million colorful plant, animal and insect species inhabit the Amazon Rainforest.

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