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Soumenlinna Fortress

It's on a harbor island a short ferry ride from Market Square. You can explore this stone-walled, 18th-century fortification and its rooms on your own, but I recommend a guided tour. It will enrich your experience and knowledge of this historic stronghold.

Famous churches

Helsinki has two. One is the Helsinki Cathedral (see photo). It sits high on a hill, dominating the city's skyline. The other does the opposite. It hides underground. The Church of the Rock was built into solid rock.

Market Square &
Old Market Hall

The first is an open-air market flooded with vendor stands offering a wide variety of fruits, vegetables, fish, crafts, and souvenirs. Nearby is indoor Old Market Hall, known for its local Finnish food specialties like reindeer sausages and smoked herring.

Other leading
Helsinki attractions

They include these three museums





And these attractions:

Uspenski Cathedral

Olympic Tower

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