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Fried cheese (smažený sýr)

Breaded and fried like the just mentioned veal specialty.

Potatoes (brambory)

The Czech starch staple. They typically come roasted, boiled or fried.

Sauerkraut (zelí)

Like the German specialty, but sweeter.

Soup (polévka)

Potato, garlic and sauerkraut versions are popular.

Dessert (moučník)

Crepes, strudel and fruit-filled dumplings are mainstays. They are often topped or filled with whip cream.

Czech beverages

Beer (pivo)

The national beverage. The finest is brewed in the Bohemia (western part of the Czech Republic). Pilsner Urquell (see photo above) is the best brand.

The Czechs are the highest per capita beer drinkers in the world. (Germany and Ireland are the runners-up).

Wine (víno)

The most (and best) is grown and vinted in Moravia in the eastern part of the country.

Plum brandy (slivovice)

Celebrated fruit brandy produced in Moravia.


A herby-spicy liqueur. Used as a digestive.

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