Top 10 most famous English foods

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10 most famous
English foods
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Fish and Chips

Deep fried batter-dipped fish (usually cod) accompanied by french fries or thick potato chips. They are flavored with a liberal sprinkling of salt and malt vinegar.

Shepherd's Pie

Chopped lamb pie topped with mashed potatoes and grated cheese. Cottage Pie is similar, but made with beef.

Cornish Pasty

Turnover stuffed with minced meat, onions and vegetables (particularly potatoes).

Yorkshire Pudding

Souffle-like baked specialty made with flour, milk and egg. Served with roast beef.

Steak and Kidney Pie

The above meats are mixed with onions and mushrooms, then crowned with a pastry crust and baked.

Black Pudding

Fatty, starchy sausage thickened with pig's blood.

Lancaster Hot Pot

Meat and veggie casserole covered with sliced potatoes.

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