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Rainbow cuisine

South African cuisine is an exciting melting pot that incorporates cooking styles and ingredients of three continents - Africa, Asia and Europe. Some call it the rainbow cuisine.

A land of plenty

Although most of the nation is too arid and lacks sufficiently fertile soil to be agriculturally generous, some sizeable South African areas are cornucopias with thriving farms, orchards and ranches. And the sea yields an abundance of fish and shellfish.


This is South Africa's name for barbecuing, an entrenched outdoor "sport" that has become a national pastime. Neighbors compete among themselves for who's-best bragging rights.

Atchar and chutney

They are two of the most popular flavoring agents and were adopted from India and the East Indies.

The future

Following the California example, local chefs are launching a special cuisine that emphasizes fresh, local ingredients simply cooked to preserve natural flavors and nutrients.

Best city for gourmets

It's easily Cape Town, the creative capital of South Africa.

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