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Kutna Hora
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The formerly sleepy Middle Age town prospered in the 13th to 15th centuries, thanks to the discovery of extensive silver ore deposits.

Kutna Hora soon became one of Europe’s leading sources of silver. This provided the wealth to erect structures like St. Barbara, to become the seat of Bohemian kings, and to blossom into one of Europe's largest and most affluent cities.

Unfortunately, the silver deposits all but ran about two centuries later and the town shrank and drifted back into insignificance. Now, tourism is the new wealth of Kutna Hora, and this community is once again flourishing.


Kutna Hora in its hey day minted the silver Grochen. It was trusted and used throughout most of Europe. Another coin produced in the area was the Tollar - it gave its name to the dollar.

Getting there

Kutna Hora is an easy day trip from Prague. You can reach it by road in about an hour (if you avoid the morning and evening rush hours). You can also take a train.

Getting around

The Kutna Hora historic area is compact and is best explored on foot.


Traditional costumed street festivals are held in June and September.

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