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Chenonceau Chateau
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The Chenonceau Chateau is unquestionably the most beautiful of France's many Loire Valley chateaus.

Chenonceau Chateau
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Two sections

It has two connected sections (see photo). On the left is the original structure. On the right is the 16th century extension built on an arched bridge spanning the Cher River


This addition houses a 60-meter (200-long) gallery used as a ballroom for lavish parties attended by France's nobility and power elite.


You can take a tour through the furnished Chenonceau Chateau rooms. You see the Louis XIV sitting room, the Francois I bedroom, and the kitchens.

Other attractions

Beyond the building are the Marques Tower, two gardens, and a wax museum. During the evening, you can enjoy a Son et Lumiere light show.

Location in France

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