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Chenonceau Chateau
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The Chateaux Chenonceau is nicknamed the "Chateau of the Ladies" because it was owned and enhanced by a succession of women of the royal court, including the queen Catherine de Medici.

Which is the correct spelling,
Chenonceaux Chateau or
Chenonceau Chateau?

I've seen both versions used widely for the chateau in English guidebooks and other media. For the record, Chenonceau Chateau is the official spelling.

However, the Chenonceaux spelling is correct for the small nearby town.

The prevalent explanation for the discrepancy is tied into the French Revolution. Citizens were trying to destroy possessions connected with royalty. Since "X" was a symbol for royalty, the owner of the then named Chateau Chenonceaux dropped the letter "x" as a precautionary measure. It seemed to work as the chateau was saved.

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