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How popular are
dumplings in the
Czech Republic?

Czechs adore them. The national favorite is a rich bread dumpling called Houskove Knedliky.

Are they high
in fat and calories?

During a drive through the Bohemian countryside in search of the quintessential Houskove Knedliky, my Czech companion told me her theory: "These dumplings are largely responsible for the excess weight my countrymen tote around."

An occasional serving of Houskove Knedliky shouldn't cause undue alarm. I never gained a pound during my stays in the Czech nation, and I greedily devoured more than my fair share of these savory dumplings.

Do Czechs favor
beer or wine with

The former Czechoslovakia peacefully split in 1993 into two nations, the Czech Republic and Slovakia. I've noticed that while the Slovaks are beer drinkers like the Czechs, they are more avid wine drinkers. The latter Slovakian propensity is influenced by neighboring Hungary, a prolific wine-producing country.

Czechs are mainly beer drinkers, and they make some of the best beer in the world. Genuine Pilsner beer, made in its hometown of Plzen, has enviable character, a quality lacking in most American beers. The Czechs acquired their love of beer and hearty fare from their westerly neighbors, the Germans and Austrians.



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