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Cultural Prague

Cultural events

Prague is known for its world-class cultural events, including two distinguished international music festivals, one in the spring, the other in the fall.


The city has many museums. The National Gallery with its artistic masterpieces is the most eminent. The National Museum is best known for its stunning indoor marbled staircased courtyard.

Creative arts

Many famous writers and artists lived in Prague. Literary giants include Kafka. In the music field, the list embraces Mozart, Dvorak and Smetana.

restaurants and pubs


Prague is known for its small, delightful restaurants and cafes. The tables of some spread outdoors.

Beer pubs

The city has many "working man's" beer pubs oozing with character. The authentic ones are noisy, packed and smoky. U Zlateho Tygra is the insider's favorite. This pub is so popular for post work libations that it is almost impossible to find a seat (the regulars stay for long stretches).

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