Burgos Cathedral

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Burgos Cathedral
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The Burgos Cathedral is renowned for its flamboyant decorations and architecture.

Burgos Cathedral
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Chief tourist draw

The Burgos Cathedral is the overriding reason tourists come to the city. The other leading attractions (such as the Burgos Museum and Santa Maria Arch) pale by comparison.


The Burgos Cathedral is mainly Gothic in architecture. The initial plans were greatly influenced by the Gothic styles used in France, Germany and other northerly lands. However, the Burgos Cathedral is hardly pure Gothic. Because of its long construction span (1221 to the late 1700s), the building bears many period styles. For example, the celebrated Escalera Dorado (golden staircase) is clearly renaissance in spirit. And, the arabesque Moorish design is readily apparent in many areas of the building.


The tall twin spires of Burgos Cathedral command the skyline and can be seen from afar. They are praised for their trim, florid openwork.


The Burgos Cathedral has over a dozen chapels. Some are artistic gems. The Constable's Chapel is the most famous.

El Cid

The remains of the legendary 11th century soldier of fortune El Cid are interned in the Burgos Cathedral.

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