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Why the
Canary Islands
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The Canary Islands have a year-round spring-like climate, beautiful sandy beaches, and grand volcanic landscapes.

Canary Islands
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Popular destination

The allure of the Canary Islands along with the proximity to Europe draw about 10 million vacationers per year.


There are 13 islands in the Canary Island archipelago. Each has different appeals. Here's a quick rundown.


Grand Canaria

It is known for its party atmosphere at its busy Playa del Ingles and Maspalomas resort areas.


The popular Puerto de Cruz resort area also rocks like Gran Canaria, but to a lesser degree.


It is quieter and has the most interesting natural landscape of the Canary Islands.


This is another island for escaping the partying crowds.

Other islands

La Palma, Gomera and Hierro are the best for nature lovers.

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