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El Escorial
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The massive El Escorial countryside building contains - under one roof - a striking royal pantheon, palace, monastery, basilica, library, school, and art collection.

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El Escorial attractions

Royal Crypt

All but three of the kings that ruled Spain over the past five centuries are interned in this ornately stunning mausoleum.


Its high altar and backdrop are decorated with gold and precious artwork.


Rare historic books and manuscripts fill this richly decorated room.

Art Galleries

You see works by master artists including Titian, Velasquez and El Greco.

Philip II Chambers

Philip II Chambers The relative simplicity of King Philip's living quarters in Escorial reflects the lifestyle of this powerful, deeply religious king.

Why it was built

King Philip II built El Escorial (1557-84) for many purposes, including as a final resting place for his royal parents, himself, and his kings-to-be descendants.

Location in Spain

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