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Construction began in 1883. Today, about 125 years later, it's still unfinished. Delays were caused by many factors, including the Spanish Civil War, Gaudi's design flaws (which had to be corrected), his propensity to change plans in midstream, and his death in 1926 (he was killed by a streetcar).

Completion-time estimates vary from "soon" to "never". If you factor in modern engineering technology and the structure's current state (70% complete), I would say 2020. But with this project, any prediction is risky.

Architectural design

Gaudi's design style is eclectic, with obvious Neo-Gothic, Art Nouveau and wild imagination elements thrown in. The Sacred Family Church will have 12 spires soaring as high as a modern 35-story building, So far 8 have been built (including the 4 shown in the photo). In addition, there will be a central dome and spire rising yet another 15 stories.

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