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Why the
Barcelona Gothic Quarter
is special

It boasts historic medieval structures and a labyrinth of narrow cobbled streets. Some are pedestrian-only affairs, which makes the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona fun (if not necessary) to explore on foot.

Gothic Quarter of Barcelona
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"Gothic Quarter" refers to the many Gothic structures that rose in the 13th to 15th centuries. However, the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona is not pure Gothic. There are some Roman ruins. You will even see modern buildings, but fortunately a few followed a traditional architectural style, as did the photogenic Gothic Bridge (see photo), which was built about 80 years ago.

Cathedral de la Seu

This medieval church is the leading Gothic Quarter attraction. The choir stalls and screen are not to be missed.

Other major attractions


The former Royal Palace

It houses the sculpture-rich Frederic-Mares Museum.

Picasso Museum

The artist lived nearby during his early career and the artwork collection focuses on that period of his life.

Leisurely pursuits

The Gothic Quarter has many small, interesting cafes, bars and stores. It's especially known for its charming antique shops.

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