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Why Ibiza
is special

The Mediterranean island of Ibiza off the coast of mainland Spain hosts one of the world's most hyperactive, packed party scenes.

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Hippy heritage

Ibiza became internationally infamous in the 1960s when it became a hippy mecca. The island's hippy markets are vestiges. They sell an eclectic assortment of goods to tourists.

Gay favorite

Ibiza Town is one of the world's great party destinations for homosexuals.


Throngs dance nonstop from dusk to dawn (and sometimes beyond) in Ibiza's many huge and small clubs energized by gifted deejays. The clubs attract the young and beautiful - and a few won't let you in if you're not.

How not
to pronounce Ibiza

Many foreigners mispronounced the name as ee-bee'-zah. Savvy travelers speak it the Castilian and islander way:


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