Seven bull running
survivor tips

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Thinking of running?

My advice: Talk yourself out of it

The risks to body and life are real. You will be playing Pamplona roulette. By dropping out, you won't be a coward. You'll be wise.

If you do decide to
run with the bulls anyway,

I've prepared for you
some tips that locals know,
but few tourists do


Navigate corners on their inner, not outer sides. A bull's momentum usually takes him (and his horns) to the outer side.


Besides being alert for the bulls behind you, watch out for falling runners in front of you. You don't want to become part of a chain-reaction tripping.

Stray bull

Be especially weary of a bull that has separated from the pack. It's more likely to do the unexpected, like suddenly turning to attack you.

Play dead

If you fall down and a bull is behind you, don't get up. Play dead. Bulls are genetically programmed to charge a moving body.


Get a good night's sleep and be completely sober. Late-night partying will slow
down your reflexes and impair your judgment.


Wear shoes with good traction to keep from slipping on the cobblestone streets. And, because it's early in the morning, the stones could be damp with dew.

Starting point

The location will make a big difference in your personal safety.


Think twice about
starting where the
bull running begins

Unless you're a seasoned bull runner, don't start your mad dash from where the angry bulls are released (near Cuesta de Santo Domingo).


Instead ...

Pick a starting position on the home stretch (Calle Estafeta). The closer to the bullring, the better. You will reduce the time you are in harm's way. As a bonus, the bulls will likely be a tad more tired.


Good luck and have fun!

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