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Royal Palace Madrid
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The 18th century Royal Palace Madrid has rooms adorned with sumptuous furnishings and magnificent artworks.

Royal Palace Madrid
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Top attractions


Throne Room

It's the Royal Palace's star space. The frescoes by Tiepolo and the silver-lined red velvet walls captivate the eye.

Other must-sees

They include the Armory, Banquet Room, and Pharmacy.

Official, but not the
de facto royal residence

Although the Royal Palace Madrid is the official residence of the current king, he doesn't live there. He resides in the smaller Zarzuela Palace a short distance from Madrid. Alfonzo III was the last king to call the Royal Palace Madrid his home. In 1931, he abdicated and was exiled.

Avoid the crowds

To avoid long ticket lines and crowded rooms during the peak tourist season, be among the first to enter the building in the morning - or come midday just past noon (when the bulk of your competition eats or takes siestas).

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