Salamanca Old Town

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Salamanca Old Town
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The golden sandstone buildings of Salamanca Old Town create a delightful townscape. And, the main square (Plaza Mayor) is one of the most appealing in the world.

Salamanca Old Town
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Plaza Mayor

It is the heart and soul of Salamanca. Plaza Mayor is lined with photogenic arcades and tempting tapas bars and restaurants.

Linked cathedrals

Salamanca has two connected cathedrals, named the "old" and "new" one. The latter was finished in the early 1700s, so "new" is relative. The photo shows the critically acclaimed domes of the two cathedrals

University quarter

This is another must-visit. One of the universities dates back to the early 1200s. The college students are nowadays so numerous that they significantly shape the lifestyle and economy of Salamanca Old Town. Their youthful spirit is contagious, affecting locals and visitors alike.

Location in Spain

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