Seville Cathedral
Giralda Tower

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Seville Cathedral
and its Giralda Tower
are special

The Seville Cathedral's golden altarpiece is awesome and its tall bell tower, the Giralda, is a Moorish architectural masterpiece.

Seville Cathedral
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The Seville Cathedral was built over a grand mosque. It took just a tad more than a century to build, which is remarkably fast considering its size, complexity and construction era. During the planning stages, an official famously said, "Let's build a church so large that viewers will think we're crazy". It was built large, incredibly so.

Top attraction

The altarpiece in the main chapel is the Seville Cathedral's finest attraction. It rises 27 meters (90 feet) and its numerous skillfully sculpted wooden statues and other carvings are thickly gilded, making it the world's richest and most dazzling altarpiece.


It's a neck bender. The ceiling of the Seville Cathedral soars as high as a modern 13-story building.

Christopher Columbus

He is entombed in the Seville Cathedral. This fact was confirmed by recent DNA testing.

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