Toledo Old Town

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Toledo Old Town
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The old quarter of Toledo offers visitors an imposing Alcazar fortress (see photo), a grand 13th century Gothic cathedral, and a medieval maze of narrow, twisting, cobblestone streets.

Toledo Old Town
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The Toledo Alcazar sits on a high hill providing a sweeping view of the town and countryside.

Top attraction

The Toledo Cathedral with its soaring bell tower is the town's pride and joy. The highlight is El Transparente, an arresting medley of sculpture, painting and marble work. It covers the tall wall behind the main altar. The Toledo Cathedral also houses an enviable collection of art by Goya, El Greco, and other master

Best vantage of Toledo

Go to the other side of the river. It gives you a perspective view of the town.

How to pronounce

Toledo: toh-LAY-doh

Location in Spain

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