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Masa Mara

This is Kenya's best and most famous reserve. I have three pages about it. Click these links to read them.

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Best lodges & camps
Kenya vs Tanzania

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Kenya's two world renowned treehouse lodges (Treetops and the Ark) are located here. This forested park has scenic waterfalls.


It's Kenya's second most popular park. Unfortunately, the large-animal wildlife population has been thinning recently. So has the snow crowning Mount Kilimanjaro (the view of this volcanic mountain is one of Amboseli's chief tourist draws).

Lake Nakuru

Renowned for its pink flamingos. Although the population of this bird all but disappeared in the 1990s, it's making a comeback thanks to environmental safeguards.


This forested park blankets an extinct volcano. Elephants and birdlife are two of the main appeals of Marsabit.

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