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Africa boasts several dozen safari parks and reserves. Below are the top 5 safari areas, ranked in order of the quality of the experience they offer seasoned travelers.



The large majority of sophisticated safari-goers consider the Serengeti National Park as the best African safari destination.

The world famous annual Serengeti Migration is the main draw. It's grand and mind-boggling.

To experience the migration, you need to be where the migratory animals are. To do this, you need to be at the right place at the right time. My animated month-by-month map shows you where you should be:

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Ngorongoro Crater


The sizeable Ngorongoro Crater hosts a rich assortment of big safari animals. The caldera's high, steep walls keep them inside.

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South Africa

Some travelers believe Kruger ranks number one. This destination comprises two adjoining parts: The Kruger National Park and the private reserves. The latter is dotted with luxury lodges and camps.

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